Public Service. These two words carry much weight and responsibility with regards to the growth and progress within a City. If used correctly, superior public service can advance a community to new levels with an extreme bright future. I reference the positive light of public service as there is no one that represents this definition better than City Councilor Marilyn Pfisterer.

Marilyn was first elected to city council in 2004. At the time Central State was vacant and had very little momentum. For almost two decades, Marilyn worked with 3 different mayoral administrations, countless developers, and many neighborhood leaders to strategically advance Central State. A public zoning hearing? Marilyn was there. A neighborhood meeting? Marilyn was there. Economic incentives hearing? Marilyn was there.

Have you leased space at Central State? Have you bought a house at Central State? Have you played in one of the collection of parks at Central State? Thank Marilyn.

Her involvement at Central State is just the tip of the spear of her legacy as she has been deeply involved with many non-profits and boards including Speedway Lion’s Club and West Side Chamber of Commerce Board.

After serving City-Councilor City-Council District 15 for over 15 years, Marilyn is retiring to live in South Carolina closer to family. While her legacy lives on in Central State, I will miss her leadership and all she has done for Central State and the near Westside.

Enjoy retirement Marilyn! You earned it!